• Andrew Clark-Howard

What is RHYTHM?

Engaging and pursing the rhythm of God. We invite you into this space to reflect, explore, and dive into RHYTHM.

Over a weekend spent at Festival One, a word kept coming up: rhythm. I'm not one who likes reading into signs and coincidences, but I came away with a real sense of this one word - rhythm. I had someone share words with me which included 'the rhythm of God,' I saw the word on hats, in sermons, and in rattled in my mind. What was God saying? What might this word give birth to?

We are engaging and pursing the rhythm of God which pulses and moves all around us, transforming and redeeming as it touches lives.

Knowing that God was calling me into some sort of content creation, and having had a summer interning as a Youth Pastor - preaching, serving the word, and engaging with God's people - I've had an itch to share with people on some sort of platform.

In the office, a fellow congregant and friend Matt, ran by an idea he'd had for a while - a community blog. Suddenly, it clicked. Something moved, and I quite literally jumped out of my chair in excitement. RHYTHM was born.

Living in the RHYTHM

We are here, engaging and pursing the rhythm of God which pulses and moves all around us, transforming and redeeming as it touches lives. We want people to be able to explore and read about a God whose rhythm is active in this world today, in His world. We want to dialogue, discuss, and share, contribute, engage, and seek. At the heart of this blog is not me, not the content creators, but a community of Jesus.

We are so excited. If you are reading this, welcome to the RHYTHM. It is all around you. Despite what you might hear, it is still alive and moving, just as it has done in the church for 2000 years. It bounces, darts, and transforms. We see the RHYTHM as the pulse and movement of God in his people and his world. It is the glory of Christ. We welcome you into a new life of rhythm, and we'd love your help and prayer.

What do we want from you?

This is a space not just for our thoughts, but for yours. We want anyone with something to share about the rhythm of God moving in their own life. It could be anything, an experience, a poem, a Scripture - it's up to you!

The three strands of RHYTHM's content are word, spirituality, and worship. Think you have something that fits in that? Contact us! Our details are everywhere.

Atop the mountain

I picked this photo of the Himalayas based on a image I used in a sermon recently. We are at top of a mountain, looking behind to the path we've lead, and into the path ahead. The view up here is great, but we are preparing to head down the narrow path, fixing our eyes on our Guide. Despite the great views this world may offer, may we never lose sight of the reason for RHYTHM, our Saviour.

Get involved. Contact us at rhythmbloginfo@gmail.com or check us out on Instagram @rhythmblog. We are RHYTHM. We are His. //

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