• Andrew Clark-Howard

My Shepherd: RHYTHM Psalm 1

Good Shepherd, you are wonderful.

To think upon your splendour, your care, your love.

Like a lamb, you carry me around your shoulders, everything I do rests on you.

Black holes may try swallow me,

and shadows as dark as twilight.

Yet you cast your light

Blinding and exposing, powerful and far reaching.

Warm. You know me, you see me.

To think, Shepherd became Lamb,

That you, My God, reduced yourself, to become like us.

Shepherd become Lamb. Slaughtered. Cursed.

Yet Your power overcame.

The prick of death silenced.

Risen to life, You came back.

Lord, You ascended. You broke the clouds,

There is a human in heaven.

Forever we will dwell with you.

The joys of your world, feasting and laughter.

And one day we will know peace.

True and lasting peace in dwelling with you,

We will be home.


This Easter, we celebrate that our Shepherd, the real, physical person of Jesus, took on splinters and stones, the crushing weight of ugliness and brokenness we deserved and was crucified.

Yet after all hope was lost, he returned. From the grave, he rose, and is risen! He ascended back to the Father to represent us, to make the way for God's blessed creatures, sons of Adam and daughters of Eve, to return to him. We give praise and thanks to the God who we could never repay. From here at RHYTHM we wish you a huge happy Easter. May the love of Christ which may never cease percolate and infiltrate all your life that you may know him and wait in hope for his return. Arohanui. Blessings.

What is a 'RHYTHM Psalm'?

We are so excited to release the first of RHYTHM's Psalms.

We believe that God has made us as creative beings, capable of song, poetry, art. We want to use these gifts to reflect praise back to him. Hence, the RHYTHM Psalms. Psalms is the great songbook of the church, fill of the highs and lows of human life, from thanksgiving and praise, to lament and anguish - this is what it means to be human. Graciously, God lets it please his ear, in any circumstance we can cry to him.

We want the RHYTHM Psalms to be a place of honest poetry and worship to God. It could be written or spoken word, a song or hymn - any poetry which directs our creative gifts back to our Creator. If life is a play, God the director, and the stage creation, we get to contribute a verse, only by the wonderful hand of our God.

Do you want to take part in this play? We want to hear your psalm! Contact us at rhythmbloginfo@gmail.com with your word of worship, we'd love to hear what rhythm God is playing in your life. We are RHYTHM. We are His. //

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