My Best Friend: RHYTHM Psalm 2 - Zoe Murray

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Another guest post and addition to our RHYTHM Psalm series, this week Zoe Murray shares a short piece. Read the first RHYTHM Psalm here.

Toys that look brand new have never experienced the love of a child.

Yes, the toy won’t work like it once did: the colour may have faded, the paint chipped, the wheels broken and it may have missing fur,

But that toy has experienced true love.

It has been loved to bits and you can see that in every single scar; each one a chapter in its story.

I know that no one wants to compare themselves to a broken toy.

Because in the world in which we live, when something is broken, it is easier to replace it than to fix it.

But if you have had a favourite toy, you would know that nothing could ever replace that toy because its scars and its story are special.

It wouldn’t look the same, or smell the same either, and it couldn’t replace the loved one.

We need to be prepared to leave the shelf, even if it means risking hurt and disappointment.

We cannot become the masterpiece God intends unless we are willing to go on an adventure with Him.

He cannot shape us into something irreplaceable if we all strive to look the same as the other toys in the shop.

If we cannot get ourselves up and out of our comfort zones, then there is no place for growth.

Everyone wants to look shiny and new, because in this world even when things aren’t broken we tend to replace them for something new, something shinier.

But I would much rather have people view me as something so incredibly loved.

Yes, I may have scars and stitches, but those represent how willing I was to go anywhere with God.


Zoe Murray is a student and prefect in her last year of high school at Long Bay, North Shore, New Zealand. She attends Windsor Park Baptist where she also serves as a youth leader in the intermediates ministry, "Tribe." She was described to RHYTHM as 'super bubbly, super thoughtful, and super empathetic' - what a combo! We thank her for sharing as she has in this RHYTHM Psalm.

Want to contribute your own article or psalm? Get involved. Contact us at or check us out on Instagram @rhythmblog. We are RHYTHM. We are His. // Photo taken by: Caleb van Essen.

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