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Just Do It

Rebecca writes on how we often find ourselves waiting for the perfect opportunity to present itself, in order to pursue something we have been working towards. What if, instead, God is patiently waiting for us, quietly saying 'just do it'?

Nike is possibly the most popular sports brand around the world. The Swoosh logo is instantly recognisable, and their slogan ‘Just Do It’ is iconic. It wouldn’t be difficult to find a Nike item of clothing in most people’s wardrobe.

Nike’s slogan Just Do It has been around since the late 1980’s. It seems a rather fitting phrase for a sports brand - one that serves as a motivation for people to get out there, play sport, exercise and just do it. You may have all the gear in the world, the best coach, and the passion to play and win, but ultimately you really do have to just do it. Just get out and go play or run.

Maybe do it, later

But it’s not always that easy. Sometimes it’s hard to just do it. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like the gear, the coaching and the passion is enough.

From personal experience, I can definitely see how mental strength plays a significant role in participating in sport and exercise. It can be easy to give up once training becomes more challenging. Life can get busy and sometimes it can be hard to even just get started. You may have the physical capability or the passion or the experience of past races and events to motivate and spur you on, but sometimes you just don’t have the willpower to do it. Your inner voice of encouragement may just not be strong enough.

You may end up several weeks behind in training, or procrastinating heading out the door for that initial, tough run. You’re probably waiting for it to seem easier or for you to feel like you have enough motivation. You know that well, actually, you might need to just do it.

But what if God said ‘just do it’?

As I referenced in my last article, I’ve been slowly making my way through Bob Goff’s book ‘Everybody Always’ after the recommendation from a couple of older and wiser adults in my church. I’m over half way and it’s taken me months to make this progress. What I appreciate about this book, and partly why it was recommended to me, was that each chapter contains an individual story, which ultimately challenges us with different aspects of love, being love, and learning God’s love for us. It makes it a great book to pick up and sit down with just a chapter at a time.

The most recent chapter I read was titled ‘Land The Plane’ and it really reminded of Nike’s Just Do It. In this chapter, Bob Goff points out that sometimes we may be waiting for an extra nudge of confidence from God. Perhaps we think we need more instructions before we undertake something (such as landing a plane on a lake in a deep but narrow canyon).

Everything we need

Here, Bob Goff challenges us to consider whether we instead need an opportunity, that maybe we have everything we need (the gear, the coaching, the passion) and now it’s a matter of an opportunity, and of taking that opportunity: to land the plane, to just do it.

I think in my own life I can totally see how I waste time waiting for the right time, waiting for something to fall perfectly into place. Perhaps in that time God is instead waiting for me to act, and is quietly saying, ‘Rebecca, just do it’. The opportunity might already be there for the taking.

It is so easy to let the challenging nature of any task stand in the way of getting started or persisting through. But sometimes we may need to rise to the challenge and push through. It may not be easy or feel safe and comfortable, but I think we can be sure that we will experience significant growth in our mental strength and our character.

The opportunity might already be there for the taking.

Consider the things you’re putting off doing in your own life. Do you think God might actually be saying ‘just do it’?

Rebecca Hoverd studies law and geography at The University of Auckland and loves writing as a way to communicate with God and to unpack her thoughts. She loves coffee, conversations, and would love to hear your feedback at rebeccahoverd@gmail.com.

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