Getting Your Groove on for the Kingdom - Joseph Trace

Updated: May 12, 2020

Joseph challenges us to "get on our groove" and partake in the Kingdom wholeheartedly.

Over a month ago Andrew (our new and upcoming star of ministry) gave a very inspiring and simultaneously challenging sermon. This sermon was centred around what I would consider as our complete surrender to the efforts of God’s Kingdom.

Quite intimidating, I know full well!

In particular, there was an analogy that really stuck with me. He used the example of a Facebook event and how, even if we’re free on the day of the event, many of us choose to just click “interested” instead of taking the brave step of saying “going”. In effect, what our blase and noncommittal gesture is saying: “Sure it sounds cool, but I want to keep my options open”. If something better comes along, I want to make sure I’m not tied up in commitment to your event.

For me, this captured a sentiment that I’m sure we can all identify with on some level when it comes to the effort and energy that we commit to in our partaking in the Kingdom of God.

If we are thinking of God’s Kingdom as an event, a party for ease of familiarity, then as Christians who go to church, pray, read our Bibles, and even go as far as reading a blog post by myself, surely we have clicked the “Going” option of the event page? I would say so! I would say that we know enough about how cool the party is going to be that we have clicked “going” and are “attending”.

But do we do we think this is enough?

I wouldn’t say so. It doesn’t take much effort to attend a party; you just show up. You could even be late, and you would be forgiven (I haven’t quite figured out how the concept of fashionably late fits into this analogy; maybe that’s for someone else to comment on).

To just idly be there enjoying the ride isn’t really enough. For every party is only as lively as its guests, so if we intend on going to just mull at the edges of the room while sipping on some punch and talking about how our week has been, then the dance floor will be completely empty! So, I say that how we attend a party matters just as much as merely showing up. The same is true with our engagement with the Kingdom of God.

The enthusiasm that we bring and the willingness to maybe get a little embarrassed is what is pivotal to a good time! And I wouldn’t put it past God that he wants his Kingdom to be anything short of a good time!

So, I say that how we attend a party matters just as much as merely showing up. The same is true with our engagement with the Kingdom of God.

When it comes to our relationship with God and our participation in the advancement of his Kingdom, should we therefore expect that we can coast without investing energy or skin into the game? For our time contributing in God’s Kingdom to be as great and fulfilling as possible we need to invest energy and maybe take what we consider a “risk”.

We should bring our worship of God with all the strength and liveliness we can muster. Regardless of the hurdles that are in our way, the troubles we face, or the “risks” we must take, our Love and Faith for God should overcome these things. Turning up to a party with our mind preoccupied by the week’s bothers doesn’t sound like a great time, just as our faith and journey with God hampered by life’s troubles isn’t His Kingdom as intended.

Matthew 23:37-38, “’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind’ This is the first and greatest commandment…”

We go to a party to have a great time. So, just like this, we should partake in God’s Kingdom to worship God with all that we are. I guess all there is now is to figure out what moves best suit us and do as James Brown says “Get up offa that thing!”

Joseph is a student of Architecture at The University of Auckland and an avid painter in his spare time. If you can think of how fashionably late fits into this analogy you can reach him at

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