Delight or Drift

Paula celebrates the Word and writes about its importance in directing our faith and ensuring we do not drift away from God.


Paula writes about the importance of abiding in Jesus. Namely, she encourages us to pursue Him with sustained effort, comforted by the fact

Welcome to our family

Paula reflects on the role of the local church, painting a beautiful picture of how it could look should we take up the call of the Bible.

I am not enough (alone)

Paula writes a challenging article emphasising the importance of reverence when it comes to God. She argues that beholding Him is...

From a distance

Paula writes a beautiful article reflecting on the power of community, encouraging us to participate wholeheartedly in the Church. She...

Everything is going to be ok

Paula reflects on the abundance of anxiety in our culture today and suggests ways to overcome it. She proposes that knowing our Father is...

Are you running on empty

Paula writes a reflection on her lockdown period and describes how she was able to reconnect with the Spirit.

Watch out for the weeds

Paula writes a challenging piece encouraging us to reflect on the impact of sin on our lives. She urges us to get rid of the "weeds" in...

Simple but not Easy - Paula Morrison

Paula Morrison writes that loving and following God is simple but not easy. She reminds us that God will work out our steps and can help...