No wrong choices

Matthew writes about the topic of 'calling' and reflects on the reasons it can prove difficult for Christians. However, he argues that if we

It was love all along

Matthew reflects on the purpose of seasons in our lives. He argues that seasons are necessary if we are to become all He has created us to b


Matthew writes about #hustle culture, reflecting on how busyness has become a virtue in our modern age. He encourages us to consider the thi

The Sweetness Will Come

Matthew writes an honest article, reflecting on the discomfort that can be associated with change in life. He encourages us to preserve...

Finding life and life at its full

How can we discover this "life and life at its full" that Jesus came to offer? Matthew explores commitment and the challenge of giving God c

Faith over feelings

Matthew explores how we can live a life of faith, following God's truth in spite of our changing feelings and emotions.


Matthew discusses #fomo and how it cultivates non-committal culture in our day and age. He compares it with the call of Jesus and argues...

Grace before critique

Matthew writes an honest article encouraging us to ponder whether, as Christians, we are known to those around us by our love, or by our...

Presence over productivity

Matthew writes a challenging article reflecting on the proliferation of #hustle culture in our modern society. He encourages us to...

Hope-shattering hope

Matthew writes an honest article encouraging us to put our hope in His firm foundation. I think that I can safely say that 2020 has not...